Aldrington, Hove, Scottish 
Country Dancers.

Tel: 01273 416893


Want to get fit and have fun at the same time in a friendly and relaxed environment?


The why not try Scottish Country Dancing.


We welcome anyone from the age of 16 with no upper limit, whether beginners or more experienced dancers, local residents or visitors, either from the UK or overseas.


No swords or kilts are involved!


We are a group of friends enjoying the music and having a great time, who would love to share the pleasure with you. So why not come along and have a go.


So, what to expect:


Scottish Country Dancing is performed in sets by groups of dancers, generally six or eight people with the aim being to progress from one end of the set to the other and back again. Simple! Eye contact and smiles keep the worries away and as even the most experienced make mistakes nobody minds. It is part of the fun and teacher can always be blamed! Next dance others will make a different error to more friendly laughter.


Although there are thousands of different dances they all use a basic set of steps and formations. Once you get the hang of these you will be able to tackle most dances. There are Scottish dance groups all over the world and you will be welcome as part of the Scottish Dance family at all of  them.